Advance 3D Printer
Latest CDLM high-speed 3D printer with Easy Cast 2.0 Resin at 25 m
Advance Casting Machine
Our high-performance casting machine controls the casting process with a digital system that ensures high standards and operating parameters, so every product item achieves maximum quality.
Automatic Wax Injection Control
Our high-precision Injection Control guarantees accurate measurements in weight and dimension of product items, even when produced in large quantities.

Hydro Flame Technology The technology
improves the level of cleanliness and refinement from the existing LPG technology.It also increases safety standard and is friendlier to the environment.
Top Quality Polishing Machine
The polishing machine facilitates the operation and guarantees quality items as well as maximum safety to our workers.
Gold Testing Machine
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20 - 23 June 2019
At Hong Kong Convention
and Exhibition Center